Just a girl inspired by the desert to create something beautiful

When I was young, I spent a summer with my Grandma Ewing in Washington State. In order to keep this wild child entertain, she took out some of my Great Grandma Carson’s beads. We sat for hours making jewelry. And with that the dye was cast. I flew home with bags of beads and I’ve been making jewelry ever since. I have honed my skill and talent to the style that I feel fully represents me and the deep love I have for these vast, beautiful, red cliffs and mountains found here in southern Utah. I earned my science degree at SUU where I studied geology and really learned to love this are and all the inspiration it has to offer and artist. I love to work with mostly turquoise and natural stones.
My desire to keep learning and growing, has made me want to be a metalsmith next!!! Stay tuned and watch me grow!!